Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Aldhelm

Vatican City

AldhelmAldhelm - Brief biography of the saint, by Karen Rae Keck. Aldhelm as a ScholarAldhelm as a Scholar - Lecture on Aldhelm's life and writings by M.R. James.
Aldhelm of SherborneAldhelm of Sherborne - Biography of St. Aldhelm, also known as Adhelm or Aldelmus. Aldhelm, SaintAldhelm, Saint - Brief biographical entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia.
Ant-lion riddle by AldhelmAnt-lion riddle by Aldhelm - From his book of 100 riddles. Includes Latin text and modern English translation. Fragment of Verse in Latin and Old EnglishFragment of Verse in Latin and Old English - 17 lines of a poem attributed to Aldhelm in which some of the half-lines are in Old English and others in Latin.
St. AldhelmSt. Aldhelm - Abbot of Malmesbury, bishop of Sherborne, poet, d. about 709. Variants on the saint's name include Ealdhelm, Aeldhelm, Adelelmus, Althelmus, and Adelme. Biographical article in the Catholic Encyclopedia. St. Aldhelm (AD 639-709)St. Aldhelm (AD 639-709) - Brief account of Aldhelm's life, work, and significance in literature and religious history, edited from Baring-Gould's "Lives of the Saints".

Vatican City

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