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Birgitta of SwedenBirgitta of Sweden - Biography of this fourteenth-century visionary, bibliography of her works available online and in print. Birgitta of Sweden, Foundress and Devotional WriterBirgitta of Sweden, Foundress and Devotional Writer - Biographical sketch. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language.
Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden, ReligiousBridget (Birgitta) of Sweden, Religious - Hagiography. Bridgit, Sweden's Homegrown SaintBridgit, Sweden's Homegrown Saint - Short illustrated biography from Christian History Institute.
Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Bridget of SwedenCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Bridget of Sweden - Also called Birgitta. Biography of the mother of 8, widow, visionary, founder of the Brigittines. Catholic Online: St. Bridget of SwedenCatholic Online: St. Bridget of Sweden - Short hagiography.
Columbia Encyclopedia: Bridget of Sweden, SaintColumbia Encyclopedia: Bridget of Sweden, Saint - Brief biography. The Ecole Glossary: Bridget of SwedenThe Ecole Glossary: Bridget of Sweden - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck.
Encyclopædia Britannica: Bridget of SwedenEncyclopædia Britannica: Bridget of Sweden - Biography of the religious founder, with bibliography. In the 11th edition (1911). Some scanner errors. The Fifteen Prayers Revealed by Our Lord to Saint Bridget of SwedenThe Fifteen Prayers Revealed by Our Lord to Saint Bridget of Sweden - Set of prayers meditating on the Passion of Christ.
Franciscan Saints: St. Bridget of SwedenFranciscan Saints: St. Bridget of Sweden - Biography. The founder of the Order of Our Savior was a third order Franciscan. Homily, November 13, 1999Homily, November 13, 1999 - A homily on ecumenism, by Pope John Paul II.
The Jubilee of Saint Birgitta 2003The Jubilee of Saint Birgitta 2003 - Events being planned in Vadstena, Stockholm, and elsewhere for the 700th anniversary of the birth of St. Birgitta. Mapping Margery Kempe: St. Bridget of SwedenMapping Margery Kempe: St. Bridget of Sweden - A short biography of St. Bridget, her influence on Margery Kempe, bibliography, Bridget's visions of the Crucifixion and of the Nativity.
Patron Saints Index: Bridget of SwedenPatron Saints Index: Bridget of Sweden - Also known as Birgit. Illustrated profile. Revelations of St Bridget of SwedenRevelations of St Bridget of Sweden - An Italian illumination from the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century, and an explanation.
Saint BirgittaSaint Birgitta - Ample biography of Sweden's patron saint. Saint Bridget of SwedenSaint Bridget of Sweden - A picture, the story of her life, and a prayer. For children.
St Birgitta of Sweden and Her RevelacionesSt Birgitta of Sweden and Her Revelaciones - Short biography of this contemporary of Julian of Norwich, with numerous hyperlinks to related topics. St Birgitta of Sweden's Influence in FinlandSt Birgitta of Sweden's Influence in Finland - An essay on how Birgitta had effects on Finnish culture during her lifetime and immediately after, when her cult was revived some decades later, and after the Lutheran Reformation.
St. BridgetSt. Bridget - Brief hagiography. St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373)St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) - A biography of the religious founder and co-patroness of Europe.
St. Bridget's Revelations to the PopesSt. Bridget's Revelations to the Popes - An edition of the so-called Tractatus de summis pontificibus. Arne Jönsson, editor. Text is in Latin, with introduction and textual criticism in English. In HTML or Microsoft Word formats. Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Bridget of SwedenVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Bridget of Sweden - The story of her life. Suitable for children.

St Birgitta of SwedenSt Birgitta of Sweden - Vincent Gillespie reviews Bridget Morris's book. [English Historical Review] (June, 2000)

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