Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Boniface

Vatican City

BonifaceBoniface - Illustrated profile of the Apostle of Germany. Boniface, Bishop, Missionary, MartyrBoniface, Bishop, Missionary, Martyr - Biographical essay. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language.
Boniface of CreditonBoniface of Crediton - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck. Boniface of Crediton and CompanionsBoniface of Crediton and Companions - Illustrated hagiography.
Boniface, SaintBoniface, Saint - Biographical article on the Apostle of Germany, from the 1911 Encyclopędia Britannica. Boniface, Saint, English missionary monk and martyrBoniface, Saint, English missionary monk and martyr - Short biographical entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia.
Ecclesiae FastosEcclesiae Fastos - Encyclical of Pope Pius XII, on St. Boniface. Promulgated in 1954. The Life of St. BonifaceThe Life of St. Boniface - Modern English translation of Willibald's life of the Anglo-Saxon missionary to Germany. From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
Saint Boniface, Archbishop of Mentz, Apostle of Germany, and MartyrSaint Boniface, Archbishop of Mentz, Apostle of Germany, and Martyr - From Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints. Saint Boniface, Martyr, Apostle of GermanySaint Boniface, Martyr, Apostle of Germany - From the book "Lives of Saints," published by John J. Crawley.
Saint Boniface of MainzSaint Boniface of Mainz - Pious meditation on the life of St. Boniface, by Terry Matz. St. BonifaceSt. Boniface - Born Winfrid, a native of England, Benedictine monk, the Apostle of Germany, martyred in 755. Biographical article in the Catholic Encyclopedia.
St. Boniface and the Conversion of GermanySt. Boniface and the Conversion of Germany - A letter from Pope Gregory II to Boniface; "Oath of Boniface to the Papacy;" and a short life of Boniface by Willibald. St Boniface of CreditonSt Boniface of Crediton - Illustrated biography of the patron saint of Germany and the Netherlands, available in four languages. Also selections from the saint's correspondence, St. Boniface in art, a section for children, information on national shrine in England.

Vatican City

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