Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Chad

Vatican City

Chad of LichfieldChad of Lichfield - Biography of the saint perhaps best known for not being Archbishop of York. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. Patron Saints Index: ChadPatron Saints Index: Chad - Profile.
Saint Chad of LichfieldSaint Chad of Lichfield - Biographical essay on the bishop, with links to other saints with whom he is associated. St Ceada, or Chad, Bishop and ConfessorSt Ceada, or Chad, Bishop and Confessor - From Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints.
St. CeaddaSt. Ceadda - Concise encyclopedia article on St. Chad. St. ChadSt. Chad - Biography, and the legend of St. Chad and the stag. Also, what the Venerable Bede says about Chad (requires JavaScript).

Vatican City

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