Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Columban

Vatican City

ColumbanColumban - Short biography of the writer, from the 1911 Encyclopędia Britannica. Some scanner errors. Columban, SaintColumban, Saint - Short biographical entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia.
Columban--A True Celtic PilgrimColumban--A True Celtic Pilgrim - Article on this monastic founder and his Rule. Columbanus of BobbioColumbanus of Bobbio - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck.
Columbanus of LuxeuilColumbanus of Luxeuil - Hagiographical essay. The Life of St. ColumbanThe Life of St. Columban - A seventh-century life of St. Columbanus, by Jonas of Bobbio. Includes the story of the saint's miraculous multiplication of beer. D.C. Munro translation.
Saint ColumbanSaint Columban - Long, pious hagiography, but charming in its own way: St. Columban had to leave Ireland because Irish women are so beautiful. By S. Baring-Gould. St. ColumbanSt. Columban - Short biography, from "The One Year Book of Saints" by Clifford Stevens.
St. ColumbanusSt. Columbanus - Irish-born abbot of Luxeuil and Bobbio, author of a monastic rule and of a penitential, d. 615. Biography in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Vatican City

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