Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Cuthbert

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. CuthbertCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Cuthbert - Biography of this soldier, monk, bishop of Lindisfarne, hermit. Cuthbert of LindisfarneCuthbert of Lindisfarne - Lengthy hagiographical essay.
Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop and MissionaryCuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop and Missionary - Biographical sketch. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. Cuthbert, SaintCuthbert, Saint - Short biographical entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia.
The Ecole Glossary: CuthbertThe Ecole Glossary: Cuthbert - Short biography of the saint. Icon of St. Cuthbert of LindisfarneIcon of St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne - With the Western Rite Orthodox Preface for Mass on his feast day.
The Life and Miracles of St. CuthbertThe Life and Miracles of St. Cuthbert - The Venerable Bede wrote two hagiographies of St. Cuthbert: one in verse, and the other in prose form. This is the prose version. Patron Saints Index: CuthbertPatron Saints Index: Cuthbert - Illustrated profile of the saint.
Saint Cuthbert (634-687)Saint Cuthbert (634-687) - Brief biography. Saint Cuthbert at the MillenniumSaint Cuthbert at the Millennium - Prose and poetry about the several times St. Cuthbert's body has been exhumed and found incorrupt.
St Cuthbert, Confessor, Bishop of LindisfarneSt Cuthbert, Confessor, Bishop of Lindisfarne - From Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints. Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. CuthbertVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Cuthbert - The story of his life, suited to children.

Vatican City

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