Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Epiphanius of Salamis

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: Epiphanius of SalamisCatholic Encyclopedia: Epiphanius of Salamis - Biographical article on the fourth-century monk and bishop. Epiphanius of Salamis (Cyprus)Epiphanius of Salamis (Cyprus) - Short biography of the enemy of Origen, by Karen Rae Keck.
Epiphanius, StEpiphanius, St - Very brief profile. For All the Saints: Epiphanius of SalamisFor All the Saints: Epiphanius of Salamis - An essay on the headstrong bishop.
Patron Saints Index: Epiphanius of SalamisPatron Saints Index: Epiphanius of Salamis - Illustrated profile, with links. St. Epiphanius, Archbishop of Salamis, ConfessorSt. Epiphanius, Archbishop of Salamis, Confessor - Entry in Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints.

Vatican City

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