Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Hilary of PoitiersCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Hilary of Poitiers - Biographical article on this bishop, a staunch opponent of Arianism, who died in 368. Includes bibliography. The Ecole Glossary: Hilary of PoitiersThe Ecole Glossary: Hilary of Poitiers - Brief biography, by Karen Rae Keck.
For All the Saints: Hilary of PoitiersFor All the Saints: Hilary of Poitiers - Fairly lengthy biographical essay on this Doctor of the Church, the patron saint of developmentally disabled children. Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop and DoctorHilary of Poitiers, Bishop and Doctor - Brief hagiography. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language.
Hilary of Poitiers, SaintHilary of Poitiers, Saint - Brief biographical profile in the Columbia Encyclopedia. Introduction to Hilary of PoitiersIntroduction to Hilary of Poitiers - Lengthy (379K) overview of the life and writings of St. Hilary, and his theology. By E.W. Watson. With notes. From the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, second series, vol. 9.
Patron Saints Index: Hilary of PoitiersPatron Saints Index: Hilary of Poitiers - Illustrated profile, with links. Saint Hilary of PoitiersSaint Hilary of Poitiers - Biographical portrait, by Terry Matz.
St HilarySt Hilary - On Hilary of Poitiers. From Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints. Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Hilary of PoitiersVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Hilary of Poitiers - The story of this bishop. Suitable for children. Preformatted line lengths can make this difficult to read.

Vatican City

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