Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Luke the Evangelist

Vatican City

The Ecole Glossary: LukeThe Ecole Glossary: Luke - Short biographical portrait of Paul's "beloved physician," by Karen Rae Keck. Encyclopędia Britannica: LukeEncyclopędia Britannica: Luke - Essay on the traditional author of the third Gospel. In the 11th edition (1911). Some scanner errors.
Gospel of Saint LukeGospel of Saint Luke - Lengthy essay in the Catholic Encyclopedia includes a thorough treatment of what is known of Luke's life. Also considers the authenticity of the Gospel, the likelihood that the same author wrote Acts, and some special questions regarding this Gospel. Luke the ApostleLuke the Apostle - Illustrated profile.
Luke the EvangelistLuke the Evangelist - Profile. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. Saint LukeSaint Luke - Hagiography.
St. LukeSt. Luke - The story of the doctor and author. Suitable for children. St Luke the EvangelistSt Luke the Evangelist - From Butler's Lives of the Saints.

Vatican City

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