Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Margaret of Antioch

Vatican City

Margaret (Marina) of Antioch (of the Latins)Margaret (Marina) of Antioch (of the Latins) - Suggests that she died around 304 in the Diocletian persecution. Margaret of AntiochMargaret of Antioch - Illustrated profile. Calls her apocryphal.
Margaret, St (Sancta Margarita)Margaret, St (Sancta Margarita) - Brief article suggests she may be the same as Pelagia. From the 1911 Encyclopędia Britannica. St. MargaretSt. Margaret - Also known in the Christian East as St. Marina. Virgin and martyr from Pisidian Antioch.
St. Margaret of AntiochSt. Margaret of Antioch - Margaret is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Vatican City

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