Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Martin I

Vatican City

The Ecole Glossary: Martin IThe Ecole Glossary: Martin I - Short biography of Pope St. Martin I, martyr. The Life of St. EligiusThe Life of St. Eligius - Within this work by St. Ouen (Dado) is a mini-biography of his contemporary--Pope St. Martin I. Scroll to Book I, paragraph 33, or search for: "these wonderful works".
Martin I, PopeMartin I, Pope - Biography. Martin I, Saint, d. 655?, PopeMartin I, Saint, d. 655?, Pope - Biographical entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.
Patron Saints Index: Martin IPatron Saints Index: Martin I - Illustrated profile. Pope Saint Martin IPope Saint Martin I - Sketch of the saint's life, by Terry Matz.
Pope St. Martin IPope St. Martin I - Opposed the Monothelites, who were supported by the emperor. He was taken prisoner to Constantinople, but refused to sign a heretical declaration. He died in exile in 655. Biographical article in the Catholic Encyclopedia. St. Martin ISt. Martin I - Biographical portrait, by Joseph Brusher.

Vatican City

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