Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Paul the Hermit

Vatican City

Catholic EncyclopediaCatholic Encyclopedia - St. Paul the Hermit fled into the Egyptian desert to escape the Decian persecution. Died at the age of 113. For All the SaintsFor All the Saints - St. Paul the First Hermit, also known as St. Paul of Thebes.
Patron Saints IndexPatron Saints Index - Profile of St. Paul the Hermit. St. Jerome: The Life of Paulus the First HermitSt. Jerome: The Life of Paulus the First Hermit - Short, charming Life tells the story of St. Paul's holy life and death, and his encounter with St. Antony.
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth SocietyVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society - A short biography of St. Paul the Hermit, suitable for children.

Vatican City

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