Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Richard of Chichester

Vatican City

Britannia: St. Richard of ChichesterBritannia: St. Richard of Chichester - Brief biography. Richard BackedineRichard Backedine - Also called Richard of Droitwich or Richard of Burford. Author of the prayer known as "Day by Day."
Richard, Bishop of ChichesterRichard, Bishop of Chichester - Short biography. Includes prayer in traditional and contemporary language. Richard of ChichesterRichard of Chichester - Also called Richard of Wich or Richard de Wych. Profile, with links.
Sacred Heart Parish: St. Richard of ChichesterSacred Heart Parish: St. Richard of Chichester - Biography. Saint Richard of ChichesterSaint Richard of Chichester - A tribute to the life and legacy of this thirteenth-century bishop. A variant on the saint's name is Richard de la Wyche. With links.
St. Richard de WycheSt. Richard de Wyche - The devoted companion of St. Edmund Rich, was bishop of Chichester. Richard died in 1253, and was canonized less than 10 years later. St. Richard of WycheSt. Richard of Wyche - Outline of his life.
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Richard of ChichesterVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Richard of Chichester - His life story. Suitable for children.

Vatican City

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