Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Tarsicius

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. TarsiciusCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Tarsicius - Roman martyr of the third or early fourth century. St. Tarsicius was carrying the Blessed Sacrament on his person, and refused to surrender it when beset by a pagan mob. Catholic Online: St. TarsiciusCatholic Online: St. Tarsicius - Brief paragraph.
St. TarcisiusSt. Tarcisius - His story, for children. By Clifford Stevens. St. Tarcisius, MartyrSt. Tarcisius, Martyr - Profile, from a book by Berchmans Bittle.
TarcisiusTarcisius - Illustrated profile, with links. Tarcisius is the patron saint of altar servers and of first communicants. Tarsicius of RomeTarsicius of Rome - Says that St. Tarsicius was martyred around the year 255.

Vatican City

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