Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Thomas the Apostle

Vatican City

Acts of the Holy Apostle ThomasActs of the Holy Apostle Thomas - This first-century book was not accepted as Scripture, largely because it alleges that St. Thomas baptized with oil only, not water. Recounts St. Thomas's missionary journey to India. Catholic Online: St. ThomasCatholic Online: St. Thomas - Article on the patron of architects.
St. Thomas the ApostleSt. Thomas the Apostle - Article on Thomas in Scripture and in legend. From the Catholic Encyclopedia. ThomasThomas - What happened to St. Thomas after Pentecost is unknown. . . but there has certainly been a lot of speculation.
Thomas Didymus, ApostleThomas Didymus, Apostle - Hagiography. With some discussion of the St. Thomas Christians in India, and links to apocryphal works. Thomas the ApostleThomas the Apostle - Illustrated profile, with links.
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. ThomasVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Thomas - Brief profile, best suited to children.

Vatican City

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