Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Zosimus

Vatican City

Catholic Online: St. ZosimusCatholic Online: St. Zosimus - Brief biography says that the pope was so disliked in Rome that his death was the occasion of celebration in the streets. The Ecole Glossary: ZosimusThe Ecole Glossary: Zosimus - Brief biographical profile, by Karen Rae Keck.
Patron Saints Index: ZosimusPatron Saints Index: Zosimus - Profile mentions a few surviving documents from his pontificate. Pope St. ZosimusPope St. Zosimus - Account of his pontificate focuses on his entanglement with the Pelagian controversy.
Popes Through the Ages: St. ZosimusPopes Through the Ages: St. Zosimus - Overview of his pontificate. From the book by Joseph Brusher. Zozimus (Zosimus), PopeZozimus (Zosimus), Pope - Says that he formally condemned Pelagianism after initially being misled by its proponents.

Vatican City

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