Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saints Barlaam and Josaphat

Vatican City

Barlaam & Josaphat (Joasaph)Barlaam & Josaphat (Joasaph) - Short article on the mythical saints. There are also real Christian saints of both names, not connected to this legend. Barlaam and IoasaphBarlaam and Ioasaph - Each chapter in its own file, with links to previous, next, table of contents, or any other chapter. If you are using a graphical browser, this is the online equivalent of a "large print" edition.
Barlaam and IoasaphBarlaam and Ioasaph - The story of Barlaam and Ioasaph, by "John the Monk." Traditionally ascribed to St. John Damascene, but possibly actually the work of St. Euthymius the Georgian. Barlaam and JosaphatBarlaam and Josaphat - Main characters of a seventh-century Christian legend. Barlaam, a hermit, converted the prince Josaphat to Christianity, despite the efforts of Josaphat's father Abenner to prevent such a thing. Although Barlaam and Josaphat are included in the Roman Martyrology and in the Greek calendar, the story is actually a Christianized version of a legend about Buddha.
The Ecole Glossary: Barlaam and IoasaphThe Ecole Glossary: Barlaam and Ioasaph - An essay on their legend, by Norman Hugh Redington. Immensely popular in the Middle Ages, this story was translated into European, Middle Eastern, and African languages; and "the True Faith was variously identified as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Manichaeism."

Vatican City

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