Vatican City
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Vatican City, Holy Innocents

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: Holy InnocentsCatholic Encyclopedia: Holy Innocents - Fairly long article on these children, and the commemoration of their martyrdom. Both Western and Eastern Christianity. Commemoration of the Fourteen Thousand InfantsCommemoration of the Fourteen Thousand Infants - Article on the Holy Innocents, by Basil Arrick.
For All the Saints: Holy InnocentsFor All the Saints: Holy Innocents - Short essay on these first-century martyrs. The Holy InfantsThe Holy Infants - Vivid article, from the book "Orthodox Saints", vol. 4.
James Kiefer's Christian Biographies: The Holy InnocentsJames Kiefer's Christian Biographies: The Holy Innocents - With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. Lives of the Saints: The Holy InnocentsLives of the Saints: The Holy Innocents - From Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints.
Matthew 2:16-18Matthew 2:16-18 - In the Revised Standard Version. The story of the Holy Innocents, the baby boys who were murdered on Herod's orders after the birth of Christ. Not Suitable for a Disney ChristmasNot Suitable for a Disney Christmas - An article on the Holy Innocents. By Curt Fahey. Published in Compass, vol. 13, no. 6, January-February 1996.
Patron Saints Index: Holy InnocentsPatron Saints Index: Holy Innocents - Illustrated profile, with links. Sacred Heart Parish: The Holy InnocentsSacred Heart Parish: The Holy Innocents - Short article.

Vatican City

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