Vatican City
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Vatican City, Popes Benedict XV

Vatican City

Benedict XV (1914-1922)Benedict XV (1914-1922) - Biographical timeline. Benedict XV (Della Chiesa, Giacomo). (1854-1922)Benedict XV (Della Chiesa, Giacomo). (1854-1922) - Short essay focuses on the pope's stance regarding World War I.
Columbia Encyclopedia: Benedict XVColumbia Encyclopedia: Benedict XV - Brief biographical entry. First World Pope Benedict XVFirst World Pope Benedict XV - Profile.
Patron Saints Index: Pope Benedict XVPatron Saints Index: Pope Benedict XV - Illustrated profile. Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922)Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) - Illustrated profile.
Popes Through the Ages: Benedict XVPopes Through the Ages: Benedict XV - An account of his pontificate.

Vatican City

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