Vatican City
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Vatican City, Popes Paul VI Works

Vatican City

Christi MatriChristi Matri - On prayers to Mary for peace. Encyclical promulgated 15 September, 1966. Humanae VitaeHumanae Vitae - Pope Paul VI's most famous--or infamous, depending on one's perspective--encyclical. Shuns artificial methods of birth control. Promulgated 25 July, 1968.
Laudis canticumLaudis canticum - Apostolic Constitution, on the promulgation of the revised book of the Liturgy of the Hours, in 1970. Marialis CultusMarialis Cultus - Apostolic Exhortation. On the right ordering and development of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Issued 2 February, 1974. 110K.
Mense MaioMense Maio - On the occasion of the First of May. Encyclical promulgated 30 April, 1965. Signum MagnumSignum Magnum - Encyclical promulgated 13 May, 1967. About the spiritual motherhood of Mary, urges imitation of her virtues.

Vatican City

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