Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Adrian of Canterbury

Vatican City

Britannia: St. Adrian of CanterburyBritannia: St. Adrian of Canterbury - Brief biography. Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Adrian of CanterburyCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Adrian of Canterbury - African-born Benedictine abbot, d. 710.
The Ecole Glossary: Adrian of CanterburyThe Ecole Glossary: Adrian of Canterbury - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck. For All the Saints: Adrian of CanterburyFor All the Saints: Adrian of Canterbury - Biography.
Patron Saints Index: Adrian of CanterburyPatron Saints Index: Adrian of Canterbury - Profile. With links. Saint Adrian of CanterburySaint Adrian of Canterbury - Three accounts of his life: for children ages 0-8, children 8-14, and age 14-adult. By Catherine Fournier.
St. Adrian, Abbot at CanterburySt. Adrian, Abbot at Canterbury - From Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints.

Vatican City

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