Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Agnes

Vatican City

AgnesAgnes - Illustrated hagiography. Agnes of Rome, MartyrAgnes of Rome, Martyr - With prayer in traditional and contemporary language.
Agnes, SaintAgnes, Saint - Short article on her legend. In the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica. Ambrose: Concerning VirginsAmbrose: Concerning Virgins - Book 1, Chapter 2 of this treatise tells the story of St. Agnes. From the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, second series, vol. 10. In HTML, with notes, at Christian Classics Ethereal Library.
Catherine Fournier: Saint AgnesCatherine Fournier: Saint Agnes - Three accounts of the saint's life: for children ages 0-8, children 8-14, and age 14-adult. Catholic Community Forum: St. AgnesCatholic Community Forum: St. Agnes - Illustrated hagiography, with quotes from the Fathers.
Catholic Online: St. AgnesCatholic Online: St. Agnes - The story of this Roman girl. Suitable for children. The Ecole Glossary: Agnes of RomeThe Ecole Glossary: Agnes of Rome - Short essay, by Karen Rae Keck.
Icon of St. AgnesIcon of St. Agnes - An icon of the virgin-martyr of Rome, with explanation. The Life of St. AgnesThe Life of St. Agnes - By Ælfric. Modern English translation by W.W. Skeat.
Lives of the Saints: St. AgnesLives of the Saints: St. Agnes - Virgin, martyr. Entry from Butler's Lives of the Saints. Patron Saints Index: Agnes of RomePatron Saints Index: Agnes of Rome - Illustrated profile.
Saint Agnes--Virgin, Martyr (c. 314 A.D.)Saint Agnes--Virgin, Martyr (c. 314 A.D.) - From the book "Lives of Saints," published by John J. Crawley. Saints for Young Readers for Every Day: St. AgnesSaints for Young Readers for Every Day: St. Agnes - The story of this brave girl, for children.
Shonnie Scarola: Saint AgnesShonnie Scarola: Saint Agnes - Illustrated hagiography. St. Agnes of RomeSt. Agnes of Rome - Virgin, martyred at the age of 12 or 13, revered since at least the mid-fourth century. Article in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Saint Agnes Enlightens Moral Sense in All AgesSaint Agnes Enlightens Moral Sense in All Ages - News report of the seminarians of the Colegio Capranica being urged by John Paul II to imitate their patron St. Agnes. [Zenit] (January 22, 1999)

Vatican City

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