Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Caesarius of Nazianzus

Vatican City

Caesarius NazianzenCaesarius Nazianzen - Short hagiography. Caesarius of NanzianzenCaesarius of Nanzianzen - Profile. With links.
Panegyric on His Brother S. CaesariusPanegyric on His Brother S. Caesarius - This eulogy delivered by St. Gregory the Theologian is our chief source of information about St. Caesarius. St. Caesarius of NazianzenSt. Caesarius of Nazianzen - The story of this physician, suited to children. Preformatted line breaks can make this difficult to read.
St. Caesarius of NazianzusSt. Caesarius of Nazianzus - Physician, brother of St. Gregory of Nazianzus (the Theologian). Caesarius died in late 368 or early 369.

Vatican City

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