Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Brigid of Ireland

Vatican City

Bridget of IrelandBridget of Ireland - Short biography of St. Bridget, called the Mary of the Gael, by Karen Rae Keck. Bridget of Kildare, AbbessBridget of Kildare, Abbess - Biographical portrait of the saint also known as Bridey. Includes a poem about St. Bridget by Phyllis McGinley, and prayers in traditional and contemporary language.
Bridget, SaintBridget, Saint - Brief entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia. Brigid of IrelandBrigid of Ireland - Illustrated profile.
Brigid of KildareBrigid of Kildare - Illustrated hagiography of St. Brigid, also known as Brigit or Ffraid. Includes the story of how St. Mel consecrated Brigid a bishop. Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Brigid of IrelandCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Brigid of Ireland - Biography of Brigid, incorrectly known as Bridget. Monastic founder, abbess of a double monastery, friend of St. Patrick. St. Brigid died in 525.
Saint Brigid of IrelandSaint Brigid of Ireland - The story of her life, for children. From the book "Miniature Stories of the Saints," by Daniel A. Lord. Saint Brigid: The Mary of the GaelSaint Brigid: The Mary of the Gael - Biography, from the book "The Saints of Ireland: The Life-Stories of SS. Brigid and Columcille," by Hugh de Blacam.
St. Bridgit, or Bridget, and by Contraction, BrideSt. Bridgit, or Bridget, and by Contraction, Bride - Hagiography of the patroness of Ireland. From Fr. Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints. St. Brigid: Mary of the GaelsSt. Brigid: Mary of the Gaels - Includes history, folklore, poetry, information on the celebration of her feast day, and directions for making St. Brigid's crosses.
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Brigid of IrelandVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. Brigid of Ireland - Her life story. Suitable for children.

Vatican City

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