Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint James the Greater

Vatican City

Apostle St James the GreaterApostle St James the Greater - Painting of the saint by El Greco. Also a brief biography of the apostle and description of St. James in art. Catholic Encyclopedia: St. James the GreaterCatholic Encyclopedia: St. James the Greater - What can be known of St. James, son of Zebedee and brother of John, from Scripture. Also discusses the tradition that St. James preached in Spain and that his body was translated to Compostela.
Catholic Online: St. James the GreaterCatholic Online: St. James the Greater - Reflection on this saint's life, by Terry Matz. JamesJames - Short hagiography, by Karen Rae Keck.
James bar-Zebedee, ApostleJames bar-Zebedee, Apostle - Profile. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. James the GreaterJames the Greater - Illustrated profile.
The Legend of SantiagoThe Legend of Santiago - Extracts. How St. James the Greater went to Spain, and how his relics were sent to Compostela. From "The Golden Legend," by Jacobus de Voragine, translated by Granger Ryan and Helmut Ripperger. Illustrated. St. James the ApostleSt. James the Apostle - An account of the life of St. James, and the legend behind the pilgrimage to his shrine at Santiago de Compostela. Illustrated.
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. James the GreaterVietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society: St. James the Greater - The story of this saint. Suitable for children.

Vatican City

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