Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Nicholas of Myra

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Nicholas of MyraCatholic Encyclopedia: St. Nicholas of Myra - Fourth-century bishop in Asia Minor. Also called St. Nicholas of Bari because his relics were translated there in the eleventh century. Catholic Online: St. NicholasCatholic Online: St. Nicholas - Fairly long article about the bishop of Myra. Saint Saint Nicholas - Three accounts of the story of St. Nicholas: for infants through children age 8, children 8-14, and age 14 through adults. By Catherine Fournier. The Ecole Glossary: Nicholas of MyraThe Ecole Glossary: Nicholas of Myra - "Little that withstands the scrutiny of modern eyes is known about this popular saint."
The History of Santa ClausThe History of Santa Claus - For young children. How Nicholas Archbishop of Myra Became How Nicholas Archbishop of Myra Became "San Nicola di Bari" in 1087 - Historical narrative tracing the history of Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra, to his final resting place in Bari, Italy.
How the Dutch of How the Dutch of "New Amsterdam" Brought St. Nick to N.Y. with Them - The reason New Yorkers and Americans celebrate St. Nicholas is that Dutch immigrants brought their traditions about Sinter Klaas with them. InstaPLANET - St. Nicholas, The Man and The IconInstaPLANET - St. Nicholas, The Man and The Icon - - A detailed description of Saint Nicholas, 4th Century Bishop of Myra, his life and legend, illustrated with antique Russian Icons.
The Life of Saint Nicholas the BishopThe Life of Saint Nicholas the Bishop - From "The Golden Legend," by Jacobus de Voragine. William Caxton translation, slightly modernized. The Life of the Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker NicholasThe Life of the Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker Nicholas - A brief history. Hear the Apolitikion of Saint Nicholas using RealAudio player.
Lives of Saints: St. Nicholas of MyraLives of Saints: St. Nicholas of Myra - Bishop, Confessor. From the book "Lives of Saints", published by John J. Crawley. Lives of the Saints: St. NicholasLives of the Saints: St. Nicholas - Confessor, Archbishop of Myra. From Fr. Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints.
Nicholas of Myra (Bari)Nicholas of Myra (Bari) - Recounts many pious legends about St. Nicholas. Nicholas, SaintNicholas, Saint - Short entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia.
Nicholas, StNicholas, St - Article on the legend and cultus of this popular saint, from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica. Some scanner errors. Orthodox America: St. NicholasOrthodox America: St. Nicholas - A detailed history of the saint, the meaning of the name Santa Claus, and the origin of the Christmas stocking.
Patron Saints Index: Nicholas of MyraPatron Saints Index: Nicholas of Myra - Illustrated profile. Sacred Heart Parish: St. NicholasSacred Heart Parish: St. Nicholas - About St. Nicholas, and how he came to be the patron saint of such diverse groups of people.
A Saint for the SeasonA Saint for the Season - A post to about various traditions surrounding St. Nicholas. By Susan Carroll-Clark. Saint Nicholas Cathedral: Saint NicholasSaint Nicholas Cathedral: Saint Nicholas - History, icon, and troparion hymn for their patron saint.
The Saint Nicholas CenterThe Saint Nicholas Center - Discover the truth of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas. Saint Nicholas PageSaint Nicholas Page - Information centered on the Orthodox Christian understanding and teaching about this Bishop of Myra in Lycia, patron saint of children, mariners, and Russia. Popular culture knows him as Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Sinter Klaus, and other names. Includes links to churches and other pages and icons concerning this much-revered man of God.
Santa's HometownSanta's Hometown - About travel in Myra today. St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church: St. NicholasSt. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church: St. Nicholas - A tribute to the saint and a photograph of the ikon on the east wall of the north transept of the church.
Symeon MetaphrastesSymeon Metaphrastes - Excerpts from "The Life of Nicholas" by Symeon Metaphrastes. The Translation of Saint NicholasThe Translation of Saint Nicholas - An anonymous Greek account of the removal of the saint's body from Myra to Bari. Translated from a thirteenth-century manuscript.

Vatican City

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