Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Simeon Stylites the Elder

Vatican City

He Dug Deeper and Ended Up HighHe Dug Deeper and Ended Up High - Article on an unusual saint, by Margaret Visser. Simeon StylitesSimeon Stylites - Brief profile, by Karen Rae Keck.
Simeon Stylites the Elder, HermitSimeon Stylites the Elder, Hermit - Lengthy hagiography. Not readable in some browsers. St. Simeon StylitesSt. Simeon Stylites - At Medieval Sourcebook. Excerpt from Evagrius Scholasticus's book "Ecclesiastical History".
St. Simeon Stylites the ElderSt. Simeon Stylites the Elder - First and most famous of the hermits whose asceticism involved living atop a pillar. Died in 459.

Vatican City

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