Vatican City
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Vatican City, Blessed Alcuin

Vatican City

Alcuin: a Brief BiographyAlcuin: a Brief Biography - Short biography of the Anglo-Saxon saint and scholar supplemented by references to related articles, teaching resources, and a downloadable poster of Alcuin himself. Alcuin, Deacon, Scholar, and Abbot of ToursAlcuin, Deacon, Scholar, and Abbot of Tours - Anglican perspective. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language.
Alcuin of YorkAlcuin of York - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck. Blessed Alcuin of YorkBlessed Alcuin of York - Biography.
Catholic Encyclopedia: AlcuinCatholic Encyclopedia: Alcuin - Lengthy article on the educator, scholar, theologian, liturgist, who died in 804. Columbia Encyclopedia: AlcuinColumbia Encyclopedia: Alcuin - Short biographical entry.

Vatican City

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