Vatican City
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Vatican City, Blessed Julian of Norwich

Vatican City

Blessed Juliana of NorwichBlessed Juliana of Norwich - Short biography. Dame Julian of Norwich, ContemplativeDame Julian of Norwich, Contemplative - Profile of her life and teachings, with prayer in traditional and contemporary language.
The Ecole Glossary: Julian of NorwichThe Ecole Glossary: Julian of Norwich - Brief biography, by Karen Rae Keck. Julian of Norwich: Her Julian of Norwich: Her "Showing of Love" and Its Contexts - Material on the life and writings of a fourteenth-century English mystic. Also includes information on her predecessors, contemporaries, and later mystics and commentators.
Julian of Norwich's Julian of Norwich's "Christ as Mother" and Medieval Constructions of Gender - Uses extracts from "A Revelation of Love" to suggest the fluidity of medieval gender construction. Juliana of NorwichJuliana of Norwich - Biographical article on this fourteenth-century English anchoress, mystic, author. By Edmund Gardner, in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Vatican City

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