Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Bede the Venerable Works

Vatican City

Bede's Account of CaedmonBede's Account of Caedmon - Excerpt from the Old English version of his Ecclesiastical History. Includes Old English text, modern English translation by Benjamin Slade, introduction, explanatory notes, and sound recordings. Bede's Death SongBede's Death Song - Modern English translation by Richard Hamer of the Northumbrian version of Bede's poem, together with the Old English text.
The Conversion of EnglandThe Conversion of England - Excerpts from the Ecclesiastical History. Approximately the first half deals with Augustine of Canterbury. At the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. De Die JudiciiDe Die Judicii - Latin text of a poem on Judgment Day which has been ascribed to Bede, together with a modern English translation by Michael J.B. Allen and Daniel G. Calder.
Explanatio ApocalypsisExplanatio Apocalypsis - Modern English translation of Bede's commentary on the Revelation of John. From Rev. Edward Marshall's book "The Explanation of the Apocalypse by Venerable Beda." The Explanation of the Apocalypse of JohnThe Explanation of the Apocalypse of John - Includes some sections of Bede's Latin text together with modern English translations of these sections. Work in progress.
Hail, Harbinger of MornHail, Harbinger of Morn - Hymn attributed to Bede. Modern English translation by Charles Calverley. The Life and Miracles of St. CuthbertThe Life and Miracles of St. Cuthbert - The Venerable Bede wrote two hagiographies of St. Cuthbert: one in verse, and the other in prose form. This is the prose version.
The Lives of the Holy Abbots of Weremouth and JarrowThe Lives of the Holy Abbots of Weremouth and Jarrow - Complete text, in the translation of J.A. Giles. Approximately the first two thirds of this work is about Benedict Biscop. Saint Gregory the GreatSaint Gregory the Great - Excerpted from the Ecclesiastical History.

Vatican City

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