Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint Etheldreda

Vatican City

Etheldreda (Audrey)Etheldreda (Audrey) - Brief biography of the founder of a double monastery at Ely, and patron saint of Cambridge University. For All the Saints: EtheldredaFor All the Saints: Etheldreda - Also called Aethelthryth, Ethelreda, Edilthride, Ediltrudis, or Edeltrude. Biographical essay.
Patron Saints Index: EtheldredaPatron Saints Index: Etheldreda - Illustrated profile. Saint Ethelreda (Audrey)Saint Ethelreda (Audrey) - Brief biography.
St. EtheldredaSt. Etheldreda - Queen of Northumbria, twice married for reasons of state, d. 679. Biography in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Vatican City

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