Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint John of Damascus

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. John DamasceneCatholic Encyclopedia: St. John Damascene - Lengthy biographical article on the last of the Greek Fathers. The Ecole Glossary: John of DamascusThe Ecole Glossary: John of Damascus - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck.
Encyclopędia Britannica: John of DamascusEncyclopędia Britannica: John of Damascus - Article on his life and doctrine, in the 11th edition (1911). Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: St. John DamasceneGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: St. John Damascene - Short biography.
Island of Freedom: St. John DamasceneIsland of Freedom: St. John Damascene - Biography, quotations from his writings, links. John DamasceneJohn Damascene - Illustrated profile.
John of Damascus, Hymn-writer, Defender of IconsJohn of Damascus, Hymn-writer, Defender of Icons - Biographical profile. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. John of Damascus, SaintJohn of Damascus, Saint - Short biographical profile in the Columbia Encyclopedia.
Saint John of DamascusSaint John of Damascus - Biography, by Terry Matz. St John of DamascusSt John of Damascus - Icon and brief biography of the saint.

Vatican City

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