Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist

Vatican City

Acts of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the TheologianActs of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian - Apocryphal. Some of the Fathers ascribe authorship to the heretic Leucius. From the Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol. 8, American edition. In HTML, with notes, at Christian Classics Ethereal Library. The Beloved DiscipleThe Beloved Disciple - Long hagiography of St. John, by Howard Cannon, contains a lot of legendary material.
Catholic Encyclopedia: St. John the EvangelistCatholic Encyclopedia: St. John the Evangelist - Brother of James and son of Zebedee. Catholic Online: St. John the ApostleCatholic Online: St. John the Apostle - Brief biography.
Encyclopędia Britannica: John, the ApostleEncyclopędia Britannica: John, the Apostle - The son of Zebedee, in Scripture and tradition. From the 11th edition (1911). Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: St John the EvangelistGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: St John the Evangelist - Short biography.
John, Apostle and EvangelistJohn, Apostle and Evangelist - Profile. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language. John the Apostle (Theologian)John the Apostle (Theologian) - Short biography, by Karen Rae Keck.
John the Divine, Apostle and EvangelistJohn the Divine, Apostle and Evangelist - Illustrated hagiography. John the EvangelistJohn the Evangelist - Biography. Illustrated with a portrait by El Greco.
N. Patrinacos: St John the ApostleN. Patrinacos: St John the Apostle - Short biography. Patron Saints Index: John the ApostlePatron Saints Index: John the Apostle - Illustrated profile.
Repose of the Apostle and Evangelist John the TheologianRepose of the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian - Biographical profile of the saint. S. Baring-Gould: St. John the EvangelistS. Baring-Gould: St. John the Evangelist - Biography from Baring-Gould's "The Lives of the Saints."
St. JohnSt. John - Biographical essay by Alfred Noyes. With a small icon. St John, Apostle and EvangelistSt John, Apostle and Evangelist - From Butler's Lives of the Saints.

Vatican City

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