Vatican City
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Vatican City, Saint John the Baptist

Vatican City

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. John the BaptistCatholic Encyclopedia: St. John the Baptist - Lengthy article on the Precursor. Catholic Online: St. John the BaptistCatholic Online: St. John the Baptist - Short biography.
Encyclopędia Britannica: John the BaptistEncyclopędia Britannica: John the Baptist - Short essay on the forerunner of Jesus, based on what the New Testament says. In the 11th edition (1911). Hail, Harbinger of MornHail, Harbinger of Morn - Hymn attributed to the Venerable Bede. Modern English translation by Charles Calverley.
Patron Saints Index: John the BaptistPatron Saints Index: John the Baptist - Illustrated profile. Saint John the Baptist, the PrecursorSaint John the Baptist, the Precursor - From the book "Lives of Saints," published by John J. Crawley.

Vatican City

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